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We rely on providing high quality products and good performance. We can supply both manual and automatic films.
Our stretch films are highly extensible. They keep the elements together and safe.
Stretch films are mainly used for bonding pallets, but also can be used for grouping smaller items.

Products: - Plastic film, stretch, extensible, palletizing and stretchable.

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Manual Stretch Film

To apply by hand, directly on the product at any point in your warehouse. Ensures a fast, accurate and economical load.

Automatic Pre-Stretch Film

For use in automatic baling machine systems with pre-stretch head.

Standard Automatic Stretch Film

For use in automatic or semiautomatic baling machine systems to stretch the material by mechanical or electrical brake.

Jumbo Stretch Film

Aimed at obtaining coils of manual stretch film after being rewinded and cut by machine rewinders. Gives a perfect rewind and homogeneous micron. Up to 220% performance.